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Ten Things I Know about Sophie



The adoption photo I couldn’t resist

When Dante died well over three years ago, people asked if we were going to get another dog. A month ago, when I saw a photo of five-month-old Sophie, I finally thought, “Yes.” She was in a foster home 125 miles away. Though she had spent months with a rescue I follow on Facebook, I had somehow missed all the posts about her. And somehow, she was still available.

Sophie came to live with us two weeks ago. Her introduction to Lucy, 12, and Cota, 9, went more smoothly than we could have imagined; they were all playing together within an hour. Sophie is affectionate, spirited, curious, and a quick learner; I taught her how to sit in the few minutes we were waiting in the exam room for her introductory vet visit. I look forward to learning more about Sophie, as she continues to wag and bound her way into our hearts. In the meantime, here are 10 things I can share about her:

  1. sweaterShe was born on the Fourth of July. Her birthday will be celebrated every year with fireworks.
  2. Her distinguishing features are her big ears, green eyes, and pink nose.
  3. She is very little. She can walk under both Lucy and Cota.
  4. She’s a good watchdog. She weighs 9 pounds but has the bark of a dog of 18 pounds.
  5. She loves the sun.
  6. She gets cold easily, so she often wears a sweater.
  7. She is the subject of numerous nicknames, including Soph, Sophster, Sofía Vergara, Little, Worm, and (Wiggliest of the) Wigglebottoms.
  8. She possesses unbridled enthusiasm.
  9. She murdered a pillow.
  10. She poops Tootsie Rolls.

Visit Cuddly Canines or the website of another animal rescue or shelter, to find your Sophie or to support the valuable work they do.


Take Every Moment for Granted


I didn’t know it was the last time…

You would slurp noisily from the water bowl

You would crunch a stick in half

You would stumble into the bathroom to eat toilet paper

I would scoop your kibble out of the bin

I would take you on a walk around the backyard

I would give you your aspirin half an hour after lunch

Your little brother would snuggle up next to you

You would take a wrong turn trying to find the kitchen, while the others waited anxiously for the meal to be served

You would sniff the air

I would help you down the ramp

I would lead you to the fluffy bed in the living room

I would say, “Good dog!”

I would pick you up after you had fallen

If I had known, I would have paid attention to every detail, so I could always recall the moment with perfect clarity.

But if I had known, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the moment, because it would have been touched with a sense of loss.