Monthly Archives: May 2013

Take Every Moment for Granted


I didn’t know it was the last time…

You would slurp noisily from the water bowl

You would crunch a stick in half

You would stumble into the bathroom to eat toilet paper

I would scoop your kibble out of the bin

I would take you on a walk around the backyard

I would give you your aspirin half an hour after lunch

Your little brother would snuggle up next to you

You would take a wrong turn trying to find the kitchen, while the others waited anxiously for the meal to be served

You would sniff the air

I would help you down the ramp

I would lead you to the fluffy bed in the living room

I would say, “Good dog!”

I would pick you up after you had fallen

If I had known, I would have paid attention to every detail, so I could always recall the moment with perfect clarity.

But if I had known, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the moment, because it would have been touched with a sense of loss.